It is estimated that with a 15-minute HIIT you can burn around 300 calories.


High-Intensity Interval Training Summarized!


  • Improved Aerobic/Cardiovascular Capacity.


  • Improved hormonal profile for lipolysis (fat loss), which aids the production of fat burning hormones.


  • Significant calorie burn. HIIT burns a lot of calories.


  • EPOC Effect, you will continue burning calories for up to 24 hours.


  • Increased Lactate Threshold. Helps your body become more efficient


  • Improved Insulin Sensitivity. Restores blood sugar levels faster.


  • The Anabolic Effect. Participating in HIIT, combined with the right diet, facilitates the anabolic (building up) effect on muscle.

What is High Intense Training?


Short High-intensity interval training is a more efficient way of burning fat compared to longer moderately intense cardiovascular exercise.


Incorporating some high-intensity interval training into your fitness program brings your fitness to a whole new level… in LESS time.. 

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