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Getting in shape should not be a punishment. It's an amazing and enriching lifestyle decision that anyone can make. I believe in the possibility of finding the pleasurable side of a wellness lifestyle; while there may be a sore muscle or two along the way, the benefits are worth it. I have developed my HIIT training thanks to working with different people.  HIITing with me is to train with the innovating on new programs and routines, with new material and sessions.

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Strength and endurance

HIIT means High Intensity Interval Training. It is a mixture of endurance, cardio and strength all in one. And the secret is to give it all in a short period of time. You will work, with or without material at your maximum on intervals for no more than 20 minutes.



Look good and feel well

The best of two worlds in one. This training will take the basics of a Yoga session in a strengthening workout following the intervals of a HIIT training. STrength, focus and Balance all in one!



The healthiest version of yourself

 If your goal is to build muscle and get stronger, this training is for you. With programs created specially for each trainee where with slow repetitions your muscles will gain on volume.

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Strength and endurance

The best, loving and funny way to go back in shape.  Give yourself 40 minutes of an open space mum and baby.  You will be able to get back in shape while enjoying training with your precious one.

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Personally for me it is a before and after starting HIIT with Maria!! I have always been someone who likes to do sports, but I had never been so engaged in a physical activity as with HIIT! I am impressed with the changes I have achieved in my body over these 5 years! I never imagined I would achieve the strength in my legs, arms and abs that I have now! I like that it doesn’t take much time and the results are incredible! The atmosphere, the music, the energy that Maria transmits is unique! For me it became addictive, I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing HIIT!! 
Thank you very much Maria for introducing me to the world of HIIT 

M. Grehan

J’ai commencé à suivre les cours de Maria après la naissance de mon 3eme enfant il y a 5 ans , des cours de remise en forme post-partum réservés aux jeunes mamans . Apres ces cours j’ai  intégré les cours de HIIT à raison de 2 puis 3 cours par semaine semaine. Je suis les sessions HIIT de Maria depuis 4 ans maintenant et elles sont devenus ma routine sportive indispensable à mon bien être et ma forme .Les cours sont variés , Maria arrive encore à inventer des mouvements que je connaissais pas , challengeant tout en respectant notre niveau de forme ( Maria propose des options  alternatives aux mouvements pour que chacun puisse suivre le cours à son rythme selon sa forme du jour ). Les sessions sont accessibles pour les gens de tous âges et de toute condition physique . Maria est une coach sportive très  pédagogue et qui sait tirer le meilleur de nos capacités . N’hésitez pas à rejoindre ses cours . Pour ma part je ne pourrais plus m’en passer .


F. Adam

These classes were not only amazing for getting back into shape after having a baby, but they were a safe place to come and feel taken care of and nurtured by Maria Clara and meet other moms. She is an amazing teacher and helped keep me motivated even after the sleepless nights! 
These Hiit classes are planned to a perfection. With sets of exercises, fun music and Maria Clara’s motivating help that keeps you fuled. Her experience and dedication helps provide for each individual need.

E. Sersale

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