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My love for health and fitness development began when I was young, I was 16 and already willing to get certified to be able to give aerobics classes in a gym close to my house. I competed in marathons, half marathons and many 10K.  At 20 I was a Pilates and Spinning certified instructor in 2 gyms in Bogota.

Some years later, when my Daughter was a baby I got to know HIIT, I started training to get back in shape and I realized that I needed to share with as many people as possible the benefits of this program.

For many years I believed in the benefits of Yoga and had the opportunity to travel to Sri Lanka to get immersed in Ayurveda and Yoga and this is how I include the balance of Yoga to the daily routines.

Today I am fortunate to turn my passion into a profession that thrives. Since 2014 I work as a qualified coach in Yvelines, where I accompany my clients to adopt a healthier lifestyle and a state of wellnes.

About MariaHIIT: Sobre mí
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